New Horizons English Language Program

Effective communication skills are critical in today’s technology-driven workplace. New Horizons is uniquely positioned to help you with your goal of learning and using English for your career success.

Through New Horizons English Language Program, you will: 

Improve your scores on English examinations.

Work with a variety of interactive materials that keep you motivated, interested and challenged.


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There is a place for all levels of learners in the New Horizons English Language Program, regardless of your English proficiency. If you are interested in receiving further information, contact us today.

The New Horizons Regular English Language Program

The learning experience begins with a needs analysis followed by written placement and oral assessment. Your Advisor will use the results of these tools to determine your English proficiency and place you at the appropriate level. In the classroom, you will be provided with a book &workbook.

New Horizons English Language Program consists of six levels as follows: 

- Level 1: Beginner

Level 2: Intermediate 1

Level 3: Intermediate 2 

Level 4: Intermediate 3 

Level 5: Upper Intermediate

Level 6: Advanced


Each level provides approximately 42 learning hours.

The New Horizons Regular English Language Program (from Level 1 till Level 4) is a core series for young adults and adult learners of English from the low-beginning to high-intermediate level. Combining dynamic vocabulary with essential grammar and universal topics, New Horizons enables students to communicate confidently and fluently. A complete package of supplementary materials motivates students and empowers teachers to maximize classroom time Includes the four links to fluency: universal topics, dynamic vocabulary, essential grammar, and confident communication.


Levels 1 through 4 Features

Universal Topics: students relate to world themes that provide the necessary context for learning about the English language and global cultures.

Dynamic Vocabulary: students acquire and expand lexis through word families and useful expressions.

Essential Grammar: students learn grammar through either inductive or deductive techniques, depending on which are more effective and practical for that grammar item.

Confident Communication: frequent and fun exercises motivate students to produce language on their own (DVD/Audio CD)


New Horizons Expanding English Fluency

To help students expand their fluency, the New Horizons English Language Program (Levels 5 & 6) focuses on dynamic vocabulary building, essential grammar, and stimulating listening; speaking, reading and writing activities that emphasize the language they need for real world communication.


Levels 5 and 6 Features

A 'Vocabulary Builder' activity helps learners expand vocabulary through the use of particular vocabulary-building tools, such as learning to use word families, root words, or compound nouns.

'Language Focus' sections highlight essential grammar points and provide opportunities for fluency practice through a wide variety of communicative activities.

For added conversation fluency practice, each 'Listening' section ends with an 'Ask & Answer' discussion task.

Each 'Speaking' section presents a specific speaking skill or strategy and an open-ended communicative task to help expand fluency.

The 'Reading' and 'Writing' sections provide instruction and practice with the types of tasks and skills that upper-level students need.

'Expansion Pages' are designed as an optional self-study section, offering students an opportunity to go beyond what is presented in the unit and allowing teachers greater flexibility.

Each unit ends with a consolidating 'Communication' section that practices the language covered in the unit (Audio CD). Frequent Review Units also help learners solidify the language they have learned.


The New Horizons Business English Language Program


Business English       

At New Horizons, we offer Business English courses tailored to the industry you work in. We can develop a course that will meet your needs. We can currently provide the following courses:


Private & Customized Classes

Business English for Finance & Accounting

Business English for Human Resources Management

Business English for Sales & Marketing

Business English for Secretaries and Administration staff

Business English for Technical Support Department


Public classes

Business English - Correspondence

Business English - Leadership and Management

Business English - Meetings

Business English - Negotiations

Business English - Presentations